May 30, 2010


Hi! I'm in over my head with BLOGGING since I've started a home business and am figuring this out as we go along.  See us Atlanta girls at:

We RECYCLE REPURPOSE AND REUSE iconic T-Shirts and LPs to make one of a kind Pillows, Trays, Clocks, Wall Hangings, Bowls, etc.  The key ingredient is nostalgia and the inspiration of iconic treasures.  

Otherwise, here are some of my quilts.  Thanks for stopping by!

Nest of Hearts
The feather was an accident and Pam Prouty, photographer, thought I meant to include it (Hee)
The nest was my therapy during the year my youngest daughter Mariel left for college.  
The "empty nest" isn't so empty after all.  There's a yin yang to every season.

See the Forest for the Trees.  
This is for my love of circles and a cardinal family outside my studio windows. 
I'm seeing the treetops from above.

My Family Tree
With circles for the five elements of Feng Shui.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Epiphany)

Mom's T-Shirts, Christmas 2011

Atlanta Olympic Quilt (55X72) 
This is remade from the 1996 version given to the German Olympic Committee.  I used the extra YEARS to make a better tree and 3-D leaves.  It's for sale.

Close up of Phoenix in the lower corner:

Bluebird for Callan

Family Tree for my Granny Ruth Bennett, for Parkinson's Disease Project
Self Portrait, 2011.  The Organza photo needed to balance the 3-D Butterflies and beads did the trick.
This one is cluttered.  I call it the Butterfly Effect.  There's much going on in my head. 

Quilts for Sale

Below are quilts I am currently selling.  
Please contact me at
Atlanta Arts Festival T-Shirt Wall Hanging


Romare Bearden's Savoy Girls are Jammin' too
Collaboration with four other quilt makers. (SOLD)

Here Comes the Sun IV (Free pattern available)
Love that 70's Panelling!

Rosie the Riveter T-Shirt Wall Hanging.  Yes we Can!
Japanese Indigo border.  Frame from Ten Thousand Villages.

Flowers (SOLD)

Decatur Arts Festival

I worked for several weeks with Sarah Phillips, owner of Intown Quilters in Decatur, to hang fifty quilts, some dating back 150 years. These quilts are in the courthouse adjacent to the Dekalb History exhibit celebrating the Dairy farm beginnings of our county. 

Brenda Shelby, Ellen Apte, me, Mary Maynard and Melinda Rushing with our respective quilt "slice".
"Romare Bearden's Savoy Girls are Jammin' Too" is based on his work:
  "Jammin' at the Savoy." 

"Winky's Wish: A Home for Everyone" was originally made as a donation to Atlanta Habitat for Humanity.  This version, without a deadline, includes embellishment.

Winky was originally discovered flying in a Pioneer Square gallery, Seattle, 1990.  I've adapted him  seven times.  Mariel, my youngest daughter, has this one and her boyfriend Paul's father commissioned #7 for mother Ann.
 Winky has magical powers.

Chocolate': Java King
The Decatur location is a favorite spot for Atlanta Intown Quilters to meet for a latter day "quilting bee" The  Beatles Abbey Road "Help" fabric came from a yard sale treasure.  


My name is Debra Baker Steinmann and I have been a fiber artist and quilt maker for most of my life.  My grandmother, Eva Baker, taught me how to quilt when I was a child in Rossville, Georgia. I quilted at the Atlanta History Center during the Olympics and was told I'm a folk quilter because I learned from my ancestors.

Through the years I have made dozens of quilts for charity, friends and family, and myself.

In the last few years I've focused on smaller pieces, many of which are not quilts, but fabric based collages.  I love finding things at yard sales for inspiration.

This photo of my studio looks surprisingly cluttered and possibly so is my brain.  My studio is also bigger than the picture looks.  I get overwhelmed in here from time to time and do a thorough cleaning.  It's been a while.