Jul 10, 2017

Tree of Life

 Bare Tree

Already I have shed the leaves of youth,
stripped by the wind of time down to the truth
of winter branches. Linear and alone
I stand, a lens for lives beyond my own,
a frame through which another’s fire may glow,
a harp on which another’s passion, blow.

The pattern of my boughs, an open chart
spread on the sky, to others may impart
its leafless mysteries that I once prized,
before bare roots and branches equalized,
tendrils that tap the rain or twigs the sun
are all the same, shadow and substance one.
Now that my vulnerable leaves are cast aside,
there’s nothing left to shield, nothing to hide.

Blow through me, Life, pared down at last to bone,
so fragile and so fearless have I grown!

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
from The Unicorn and Other Poems 

To remember this Tree, the Phoenix finally complete
Olympic Peachtree II:   Donated to Trees Atlanta 2016

 I look to these days, and what is true.  
The love of those I cherish, the grateful stitching of my story

The whole world in a peach tree.

This is a favorite bird I love to include.

Cate's Roses at Intown Quilters. www.intownquilters.com

Cate is a dear friend and Callan's godmother.  She waited decades for me to finish this wedding quilt. I try not to overthink, but I'm not always successful. 


These baby quilts come together fast.

Sea and Sky was sold at Kudzu

 Story Quilt for Luna Mae Wright, 2016

  I put as many story prints as possible in the mix.  
I love that babies will discover new things as they grow. And the stories are told.  
The next colors and stories are always waiting in the back of my head.


A wedding quilt for Elissa and Erick Olney, married 2016
Mariel collaborated on this one, with her love and wishes for a lifetime of happiness.