Feb 2, 2012

Paris and a Sewing Kit

Callan and Matt on the elevator to her room on the 5th floor
I'm working on several ideas in my studio and find myself revisiting last year and our trip to Paris. Callan taught English there and found a fabulous place to live in exchange for helping the Schmitt family with their young daughters.  After several months, Matt and I went to visit her.

As a Thank You, I made these two sewing kits for Lisa and Elsa Schmitt.  Callan lived in their maid's  quarters and escorted them to school on the Metro.  They became such fun for her and I enjoyed the stories from their home two blocks from the Arc de Triomphe.  I'm working on a pattern for the sewing kits.

Like everyone, I found Paris amazing.  It was like walking into a magical jewelry box.  The streets are filled with surprises and inspiration at every turn.  I expect I'll forever be dreaming and processing the things I saw there.

I'm curious about the age of Rue Georges Ville.
Here is Cal and Matt in her apartment on the 5th (top) floor.  

Arles, France Dress shop window
We then took a high speed train to Arles and more inspiration.  This dress shop creates clothing like was worn when Van Gogh walked the streets.  I'm currently using Perle cotton thread I bought there, actually manufactured in South Africa.  Go figure.

A dress fitting was going on in the back.  I bought fabric remnants I use sparingly.

Then back to Paris... I like this one, a Self-portrait with Freesia.

These Sewing Kits came from a similar pattern I made when Cal & Mariel were little. c 1993.  I let someone borrow the pattern so have adapted this new version.  My pattern will be available this spring at Intown Quilters .  It's also become a quick Color Study and easy to make MANY...  Graduation Presents, Oh YEAH!  If you've seen the pattern before, let me know so I can credit the original...  
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