Mar 18, 2012

L'Arche International Quilts

My friend Michelle Hiskey was commissioned by L'Arche International to create two quilts for the outgoing international coordinators.  
She's taken a job at GAState so I'm helping her by creating one of the quilt tops. 
I have come to LOVE the diversity of these blocks.  

Israel is an amazing landscape created with felted wool.

In no particular order, here are the first twelve blocks I've enlarged to 12.5"X12.5" by adding strips.  This is my adaptation of the traditional Log Cabin block.  The Log Cabins represent home and seem appropriate for this project.  Each block is representing someone's home.
These blocks are from:
Row 1: France, Australia and Brazil
Row 2:  Slovenia, Israel and Honduras
Row 3:  Spain, Ireland and Japan
Row 4:  Syria, Ukraine and USA

I'm impressed with the Syrian block.  It's so light hearted and positive, especially from a country experiencing such turmoil.

I'm using Australian fabric for the sashing.  Audrey Napanangka created the red circle called Emu Egg.  Some of the other symbols represent home, hearth and ancient pathways.

I'm so HAPPY that it's done! March 29.  Notice Syria and Israel are both being watched by Gandhi.  It was a three week stripping marathon and my right wrist is yelling at me.  I now have an ergonomic rotary cutter AND a work order in to get my office computer moved to a better surface.  OUCH!
Country list:
Haiti, Canada, Australia, Spain, USA
Brazil, India, Slovenia, France, Argentina
Austria, Syria, Israel, Japan, Holland
Croatia, Honduras, Ireland, Bangladesh, Latvia
Ivory Coast, Germany, Philippines, Ireland, Mexico
My bird, Belgium, Ukraine, Croatia, Dominican Republic
Taa Daa!

May 11 update:
Shannon Baker has now finished the quilting and has it boxed for return.  YAY!
Meanwhile TWO more countries have sent a block... Three sweet embroidered flowers from UK and
 this fabulous batik block from Zimbabwe:
I made it into a separate Wall hanging at 24"X30".  LOVE the Uplifting Elephant.

Syria and Israel, finished

Here's Michelle holding my quilt, now including UK and Poland at the bottom left. DONE!!

Here's Michelle, unaware she's in the pic, holding her completed quilt.  YAY!

YIKES, Photo toes.

Here's Michelle's photo album of the Three Quilts with presentation at St Phillip's: