Jun 8, 2015

Turtles Rule the World

Turtle finds the sun

I'm happy to say I've found a manufacturer for my 6.5" X 8.5" ruler!  
It's my favorite size block and I have MANY to play with.  

Now it's easier to continue my Kandinsky circle obsession...  
This one is a waterlily. 

Stacks of Colors
Twenty Five Log Cabins with One Rose 

On to the next T-Shirt commission...
Georgia Red Clay is evidence of Soccer prowess in the Star below.  This had to be an important T-shirt Memory so I added some Copper.  These fabs keep the energy going.

6X8 with rays of light for Grace

For daughter Callan's thirtieth birthday this past May, I made this Green River.  I will someday make CURVES in the water, but for now I like the ease of Green for movement. 

With Johnny

I can't stop loving this...

And  being thrilled that I can add a soundtrack to my photos!

This "Fruitful" creation is finally done.  Enuf!  It's a joke!  Accounting just covers my fabric budget. 
Continuing My Favorite Quilt theme of Love... 

and blooming with CONGRATULATIONS and wishes for a Lifetime of happiness, I made this wedding quilt.  Laura & Taylor, married in June, live on Tybee Island.  Cal helped choose these colors.  
Here I am forcing my coworkers Kyle and Walter to hold this before the UPS truck arrives.

Art and Work together at Corrosion Specialties

Thanks to Mary Williams, Melinda Rushing and Picasso. Frame a magical CURBSIDE rescue.