Apr 23, 2013

Earth Day is every day!

Everything is blooming in the most inspiring way.  Gotta love Spring in Atlanta.

I want to credit this artist.  She made this Blackbird Tree for the St Augustine Fiber guild.  

It's so uplifting and warm. Like spring.

I've been playing with 6X8 blocks and need a ruler!  The mfg ignored my request so it must cost a mint to special order.  Here's a perfect sized Kandinsky Rose.  

Baby Granddaughter for Butch Gilreath.  He built my parents' new house.  YAY!

This next quilt for was made with sock monkey fabrics for colorful preschoolers.  The Children's School has a child named Awesome (2nd row) and it's an Awesome Children's School.  It doesn't seem so long ago since Callan & Mariel were making handprints at Cliff Valley School.  (Wistful sigh)

From trip to San Francisco

Dancing into spring...
Syracuse Cultural Workers card I love