May 11, 2012

Art Updates

Mona visits the Atlanta Dogwood Festival and makes us all smile...

This IMAGINE Postcard I gave to Intown Quilters

"IMAGINE all the people, sharing all the world..."

I've made several "Here Comes the Sun" quilts.  I've noted it in quotes since I made a pattern that's available at Intown Quilters in Decatur (FREE).
Here Comes the Sun

Many of my fabric creations are inspired by music.  This next block represents Germany.  The Beatles first played as a group in Hamburg so they came along for a ride on the Stein.  I donated this, along with a balloon representing Europe, to a Trip Around the World Block Book.

Beatles in Germany... Beer mug from Sculpey

This Balloon, on the book cover, represents all the countries of Europe

I've made several Tree of Life quilts.  This one I kept.  The pattern in available at Intown Quilters
Fair Trade made bamboo quilt hanger from Ten Thousand Villages

This Tree of Life detail is from my friend Delores Clark's memorial quilt.  I love the 3-D leaves.  Her daughters Keisha and Amelia have the quilt.  I miss my friend.
Delores Shabazz Clark, a Tree of Life