Nov 18, 2015


Poppy I

Thanks Lindsay for the batik petal and Deb Lacativa for the vintage linen.

These poppies are made with 6.5" X 8.5" rectangles.  The curved poppy petals are as random and free as possible.  All kinds of stitches make them move,  I think. 

This was taken on St Simon's Island.  Sea breezes make conjuring poppies a dream.
Jennilee and Mariel in Corrosion Specialties File Room,  Jennilee, being our youngest Dorothy of Oz, inspired the poppies.  I inserted this photo much later, to finish this Poppy story. 

I always need stitching for our travels and a Britex visit when we get to San Francisco.

My ongoing Satellite Stitching...

I spend quite a bit of time commuting to my accounting job in Duluth, GA.  It's 12 miles on I-85 North, then three miles on Satellite Boulevard.  The good news is Satellite is an interesting road. Countless Red Lights, this Aviation Maintenance facility and right up the road, a 30' tall replica of the Eiffel tower.  This sight will be different the next time I drive by, considering the way of this world.  Stitching through it is for my own sanity.

This beauty had paint cans inside the blue vents so it wouldn't fly away unattended. 

My old faithful 6.5" x 8.5" ruler also makes T-Shirt quilts much easier.  I use the blocks to balance both the colors and ultimate size.   
Design Fun:  Nine Blocks wide X Ten Blocks long = 54" X 80", practically perfect golden ratio = 54/80 = .675 Cozy and still fits under my Janome work horse.

Leah Kuma's quilt below is ten blocks tall (80") so I can spend time with towers of color and not technique.  A couple of vertical strips help anchor the quilt.

Grace Clark's collection also used vertical columns of blocks to make it work.  This one is framed on all sides by the KFC purple and brown print, somewhat roping in the red and blue shirts.  Yee Haw!
Leah Kuma

Grace Clark 

 Jenni's Field of Poppies