Aug 19, 2012

Quilts this Summer

Hali June is the eighth high school graduate in our next generation.  I'm a year late and happy to get Hali's Oranges completed. Pictured are Steinmann cousins Callan, Mariel, Hali, Connie, Lindsay and Jennilee.  Outside my studio on August 4.

I also love working with smaller things.  This is a photo of Coleman's Creek near my friend Kelley Jo Ellis' Clayton, GA home.  I printed it on organza and overlaid log cabin blocks, then embellished to try and create water with fibers. Rosie is in the creek at lower right.
 The Ease of Green,  8"X8"

Can't beat the original creek.

I've loved this studio but have decided to move it.  I work in the mornings and this room faces West.  I'm moving to a larger space in my home that faces East.  For morning quilting.  This room will become a library since the flannel design wall can be changed to book cases.  And it will be nice for reading...   All in good time, my pretty!
It will also be nice that this front room won't stay a MESS!
This quilt was made for Amelia Carter's soon to be born daughter Reagan Delores.  Amelia's mother Delores was one of my best friends.  We worked together as Fulton County AFDC Caseworkers in the early 80's and traveled via VW Bug to D.C. to visit our friend Cate Fosl.  We found a shop called Chocolate Strawberries and this quilt reminds me of our trip.
Keisha says the baby's room is colored chocolate and rose...
Chocolate Roses (38"X50") for Delores' granddaughter.