Oct 8, 2013

Peachtree Road Race quilt

Marcie collected 21 Peachtree Road Race T-Shirts for her husband Myles' quilt.  Ali and Josh, along with big brother Adam (not pictured), can tell you which shirts their Dad has worn the most.  Now the quilt can use all 21 to keep them warm.

At www.intownquilters.com the best fabric and notions shop in Atlanta

The label for the back.

Apr 23, 2013

Earth Day is every day!

Everything is blooming in the most inspiring way.  Gotta love Spring in Atlanta.

I want to credit this artist.  She made this Blackbird Tree for the St Augustine Fiber guild.  

It's so uplifting and warm. Like spring.

I've been playing with 6X8 blocks and need a ruler!  The mfg ignored my request so it must cost a mint to special order.  Here's a perfect sized Kandinsky Rose.  

Baby Granddaughter for Butch Gilreath.  He built my parents' new house.  YAY!

This next quilt for was made with sock monkey fabrics for colorful preschoolers.  The Children's School has a child named Awesome (2nd row) and it's an Awesome Children's School.  It doesn't seem so long ago since Callan & Mariel were making handprints at Cliff Valley School.  (Wistful sigh)

From trip to San Francisco

Dancing into spring...
Syracuse Cultural Workers card I love

Mar 5, 2013

T-Shirt Quilts and Kandinsky Roses

This Sun Bird made a boring quilt Fun for me.

 I'm making two Twin Sized Quilts for my parents' new home in Chickamauga, GA.  
I call them Memory Keeper quilts since they're based on clothing and fabrics found while cleaning out their old basement. The Log Cabins represent home. 

  The more personal a quilt the better since they can feel like a hug.
Mom and Dad's first Memory Keeper Quilt has five Kandinsky Roses
Within the two quilts there will be things from most members of our family.

This next quilt is a T-Shirt Commission for Michael Gray's 21st Birthday:

Twelve T-Shirts for Michael Gray make a twin sized Quilt
 This quilt has SeaGlass colors with Mom's Linen collection. All the blocks are 6.5" X 8.5" rectangles.  Kandinsky Roses grew on the sides.  The fruit fabric border is from Kaffe Fassett collective.
Paula's Linens are now a Quilt. 

Those three quilts were made with my 6.5" X 8.5" dream ruler.  The T-Shirt blocks are sized with 6X8 multiples.  It's easier to make a 66X80 (etc) finished quilt without having to wrestle the large size all at once.

Silly me.  Bird Tree of Life at East Cobb Quilt Guild show.  June 2013