Sep 13, 2015

Roses with Rosie

These Roses grow up a garden trellis.  Rosie doesn't care for my quilts, but is a good walking companion.  

Inspired and made for Kay's garden.  

  Rosie:  Lakeside High School, Class of 2015

These yellow Roses are for AnnElise's baby daughter Jane.  

Cal helped with these softer colors.

Paul and Mariel DeYonker,  Callan, Matt and me,  July 8, 2015
My family had the joy of traveling together this summer.  Here we are at Hofbrau House in Munich. Cal's partner Johnny was missed here so I made a toast to him being with us for the next trip. 

I'm always looking for fabrics and inspiration.  These bundles below were found in Hallstatt, Austria in a shop filled with locally made products.  These remnants from dirndls will always bring me back to this place.  I'm very grateful.

Our hotel room deck.  Dreamy view.

In Vienna, we saw many of Gustav Klimt's paintings.  "The Kiss,"among many masterpieces,  is part of the permanent collection of Winter Palace Belvedere.  
I've seen my future quilts in his work.

No photography was allowed here. This is my photo of a gift shop postcard. 

Callan leads tours and creates artistic opportunities at the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, Georgia.  I was happy to help with a Traveling Art Museum suitcase for Kindergarten students.  She filled my drawstring bags with Art prints and creative activities to allow each child a unique experience. 

Meanwhile, here is Winky #7.  He was made for Mariel's mother-in-law Ann DeYonker, commissioned by Rod, for their anniversary. 
Three houses for Jimmy, Paul and Reilly. 

It's difficult for me to make blog posts.  Where is the stopping point? Where's my camera?
Who looks at this?  This journal page, made years ago, has become the focus of my next project.  Organza printed photo is from a trip to Colorado, with hand dyed fabric stones.  I'm putting this same quote in another quilt.

Here's my mom, Paula Pyle Baker, with her sister Suzanne Enzfelder.  She's getting dressed for the rehearsal dinner for Mariel and Paul's wedding, June, 2013.  I love this smile...  Suzanne's love and care for my mom will forever warm my soul.  

Gran beamed throughout the festivities.  Joy abounds.