Dec 15, 2014

Warmth and Love

I find myself as busy as I'd like to be.  And focusing on what brightens my path, so to speak.  

This Trip around the World quilt is large and NOW I see the photo is wonky. I had to stand over a ladder to get the photo.  This commission was a fulfilling experience, connecting these colors and places.  The T-Shirts from Turkey, NYC and Egypt allowed bold connecting prints.  Thanks to the color guys for the blue.

Thanks also to Amelia Island Quilters for encouragement and inspiration.

This next photo is from our dining room gallery show at  (also on Facebook).  It was quite an honor and us  girls and friends festooned the Patio with paper lanterns.  All during the Atlanta Belt Line Lantern parade.  Many are still shining. 

Man combs his mustache with a fork;  Sally and Helen unaware.

Otherwise, I'm still playing with Kandinsky's Roses
Flowers for Aiming Sun Allen

Me and Kelley Jo with Bill Murray

With thanks to Fred Babb and Robin Melroy.

So much has happened this year, it's easier to say less.  A year of Loss, and the healing power of Creating things.  Making Art for the sheer joy of it.  To replenish your soul.