Apr 18, 2014

Kandinsky Roses

New Studio with a Morning Sun view.  Ikea cart LOVE on the right.

I feel a bit pretentious to align my playing with fabrics to Kandinsky's mastery of color and balance.  I find his work very inspiring and these Roses grew from his Circles. The interplay is lively and interesting to me.    

This Rose Quilt's rectangular block structure allows me to throw around blossoms of color without too much concern for technique. All along the garden grid.  This is for Julia and Asher's Asheville wedding, May 3.  Her Mom Jude helped with the colors.

btw I'd love to find someone who works in acrylic to make a perfectly sized 6.5" X 8.5" Ruler.  Often I want to focus on one block from fabric yardage and need two rulers to carve out the rectangle.  Here is the Stack I've accumulated.

Kandinsky Roses with stack of colors for Quilts to Be.

The same roses made this for Ann DeYonker.  She's my daughter Mariel's Lovely and loving Mother-in-law so here's her bouquet of roses.  Ann's son Paul is the newest member of our family.  We celebrate his 30th birthday April 19.

Mariel and Callan hold it for my photo.
Mariel didn't care for the antique floral inner border I had also used in the center.  I replaced it for nine center blocks.  Go figure.
Paul's 30th Birthday Collection
And Jules' 1939 Oscars GWTW
 Both Paul and Jules' quilts continue others I've done in the past.  Paul's fabs from he and Mel's wedding and Jules' 1939 Oscar Quilt includes film strips from Hayden's in 2010.  Both get help in cohesion by framing with Indigo. 

I found several Japanese indigos in San Francisco at Britex.  I Love how my fabrics remind me of travels.   These quilts both include flower prints from Hawaii and Mel's friend Colette (thanks)
The Gryffindor crest, with blue diamonds, is for Paul's wife, Ms. Diamond, and our travels to Harry Potter world. Florabama is a bar on Orange Beach, AL.  He and Mel have been there many times.
I now call this type T-Shirt quilt the Clean out the Closet.

The dancing fabric borders bring all the Track and Field events together.

 And finally, this T-Shirt quilt is just finished using Fred Babb's "Art Can't Hurt You."  Thanks Robin Melroy for the well worn shirt.  And also your help during our past Gathering of Artists.

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  1. Everything is beautiful! Love the Kandinsky roses. Ever since Julia did her Kandinsky quilts with the kids, I've been wanting to do one. Hers were all so wonderful, yours is different, very lovely!

  2. Hey Charlotta, It's such fun to play with circles! I still love my first similar quilt from 2001, with 13 "bagels." It's Baker's Dozen, for obvious reasons. xxoo